We believe the Bible gives us a clear and very attractive picture of what leadership looks like in Christ’s Kingdom and in the church. We believe that Godly leadership in the local Church is team focussed and led by one man, Jesus Christ. 


We believe that God raises up, and the church recognises elders/pastors, who govern/shepherd the church. The team of pastors carries responsibility before God for the doctrine, discipline, direction and devotion of the church. 


Stef Liston

Richard Young

In scripture we see that deacons are to be appointed in order to release the pastors to do their work; deacons are those who serve in a capacity of senior responsibility. 

Andy and Lauren Crawley


Alice Watts


We've recently expanded our team to include the following trainee deacons:

Jo Kyte


Brook Hewett


David Hume

Evangelism / Outreach

Adrienne McPherson

Mercy Ministries 

James Welburn


Certain individuals in the church are released to work full-time or part-time for the church in order to accomplish our goals of caring for the church well and reaching out with mercy.

Andy Crawley

Strategy and Operations Manager

Adrienne McPherson

Office Manager + Foodbank Manager

Ruth Cracknell

Admin Assistant +

CAP Debt Centre Manager

Malcolm Kyte

Pastoral Co-ordinator

Luke Daymond
Media, Content and Design Coordinator

Sarah Morton
Finance Assistant


Goff Hope
Shepherd Course Manager

Angie Hope
Shepherd Administrator

Stef Liston
RM Training Director

Dan Hayter
LEAD Course Manager

Cheryl Gay
LEAD Administrator

Matt Fell
ID Course Director

Lorna Bradley
ID Administrator


Dave Mance

Chair of Trustees

Kerry Baines

Risk and Safeguarding

Doug Hogg

External Trustee (Compliance)

Rebecca Rundell

Malcolm Kyte

Pastoral Coordinator