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At Rev we encourage everyone to find a way of serving - on Sunday mornings and  throughout the week, in the big and in the small, sometimes, seen, many times in secret. 

It's hard to be a 'pew warmer' at Rev - sooner or later you'll want to get involved and play your part, and you'll be able to do this by using your gifts for the building up of the church and reaching those who don't yet know Jesus.


We would love for all who are part of the Rev family to join in, use their gifts and serve on a Sunday team. Most teams work on a rota where each person serves once a month. 


Come along to Intro Rev to find out more about getting involved in the life of the church, or let us know what area you'd like to serve in below:



Two other ways we love people to serve our community are through our CAP Debt Centre and Foodbank. Follow the links to find out more or email Ruth (CAP) or Claire (Foodbank) to find out how you can get involved:




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