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Our connectivity to Jesus Christ and His real presence is the only thing that marks us out from any other organisation or gathering.


As the people of God, we are deeply committed to prayer; it’s the real business of church life. We don’t think lasting fruit can really be borne without prayer and we believe that it’s God’s desire for His church to be a house of prayer for all nations.

We pray together on Tuesday mornings. We pray on Sundays before and during the service. We pray three times a year on a Friday for the evening. We pray in our Running Partners. We pray in our Gospel Communities. We pray when we’re by ourselves. We pray and God answers.

Tuesday Morning Prayer

Every Tuesday morning we meet as a church to start the day with prayer. We warm ourselves up to God by singing songs of praise and meditating on His word.  We petition God to move in the lives of those in our local community and our Church. 

Join us every Tuesday morning, 7-8am at

The Upper Room, Camden

Morning Prayer

Prayers of Many

'The Bible anticipates that most of our Christian life will inevitably be worked out and filled out in a corporate context. With this in mind, mature, corporate prayer, specifically in the life of God’s people, becomes something to prize and pursue.' 

Mike Betts, Prayers of Many 


Three times a year we hold a Prayers of Many evening, where we gather with other local churches in a beautiful expression of unity, to pray for… "God to break through in our nation and the nations of the world". 

Find out when the next Prayers of Many is taking place here:


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