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We believe that the church is called to be a family and one of the ways that plays out at Rev is through Gospel Communities. 


Gospel Communities are the heartbeat of Rev; they’re where we gather to seek God together, share our lives with one another and spur each other on as we seek to share the good news of Jesus.


All our Gospel Communities are based around specific local areas and are made up of Revvers living there. GC’s meet midweek and spend time studying the bible, praying together, sharing who Jesus is and what he’s done for them within the community.



Hebrews chapter 12 verse 1 talks about ‘running the race with endurance’ - too much for anyone to do alone! At Rev we encourage everyone to find running partners - 2 or 3 others

they can run the race with.


In running partners we pray, read the Bible and share the details of our lives together. We believe that as we do this regularly we will be protected and sharpened by each other through a blend of encouragement, accountability and challenge.