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We believe that multiplication is a sign of health and so it's a great joy to give birth to baby churches over and over again. We are currently involved in nurturing numbers of baby churches (or church plants) in Europe, the Middle East and the Far East through prayer, finance and hands-on involvement, as well as engaging with what it looks like to plant churches in London.


The members of the Frankfurt Church plant gathered in Frankfurt

We sent the Tarry family out from Rev in 2015. Natalie is originally from the outskirts of Frankfurt and Simon is English. Simon served as one of the elders at Rev and they really are the most loving and pastoral family you could imagine. They've been pioneering for a few years now and there is currently a healthy and growing community of disciples that the Lord has brought together. We prayed for and laid hands on four of the guys in Autumn 2021 to establish a team of elders to lead the church.


Members of the Seoul Church Plant waving from their home in Seoul

 In 2017, three young, single guys from Rev moved out to Seoul in order to start a YouTube channel as well as witness to local people about Jesus. After seeing numbers of people come/come back to Jesus, it seemed to us that the Holy Spirit was leading them to plant a church. There is now a loving and vibrant, Spirit-filled, Jesus - focussed house church in Seoul and local elders were appointed in January 2023.


Members from Tottenham Family Church waving from their homes in Tottenham

Since 2016 we have had a core group of Revvers who have felt stirred by God to plant a church in Tottenham and who have been meeting together to pray, build community and share the Gospel in the area. In March 2021 we prayed for and sent out a core group of dear brothers and sisters, believing that God will give them the fruit they long for in that part of London.

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