LEAD is the Relational Mission leadership training programme. Over two years, you will build on your theological foundations with powerful biblical truth, delve down into the nature of kingdom leadership and explore and develop a chosen area of leadership, supported along the journey through 1-2-1 mentoring.


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ID (Intentional Discipleship) is a year-long church internship program designed to help you walk with Jesus into the adventures that he has for you. Over the course of the year you'll be immersed in the life and mission of a local church, where you can serve in a wide variety of exciting ministries and be lovingly discipled.



Shepherd is a new 2-year course that helps equip new and emerging elders for the responsibilities of pastoral ministry. The course helps to complement, not replace, the work that is already being done by local eldership teams to develop new elders by providing high value, focussed training to prepare new and future elders for the demands of the role.