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What a strange season it is! It’s hard to know where to start and there’s so much to say. Along with you, we keep our eyes closely on the latest Coronavirus developments and we’re having to learn to be incredibly flexible.

This page contains all the additional info you need to connect and join in with all that we are doing digitally in the coming days - from GCs and Running Partner huddles, to Sunday and prayer meeting live streams and everything in between! There's also info on how you can join the Rev Neighbourhood Help bank to support those in need and postcard templates to pop through your neighbours doors. 

Here's a short encouragement and update from Stef (one of the elders):




We want to maximise technology in order to continue ‘meeting together’ (Hebrews 10:25) and look to push out helpful content and also encourage times of fellowship and interaction online. We are incredibly grateful for the opportunities afforded us through the internet and we will be looking to grow in competence and confidence in this regard. If, for whatever reason, you don’t have access to certain hardware or software, meaning you will struggle to engage digitally, please do let us know as we want to do all we can to support one another in this effort.



A time of praise followed by a sermon, which will premiere at 10.45am on the Rev YouTube channel. We recommend you click the red 'SUBSCRIBE' button on the channel and hit the grey notification bell to be notified of new content and live streams.


If you watch using your web browser on your PC / Mac or the YouTube app on your mobile phone or tablet, you will also be able to interact with other Revvers on the live chat throughout the morning.



A time to open up the word together and dig deeper into the book of Hebrews and the 'Unsearchable Riches of Christ'. These videos will premiere on the Rev YouTube channel on Thursday mornings and be available to watch from 6.30am onwards.



Our talented musicians will be playing and praising – sit in with them on the Rev YouTube channel and join in on your Friday lunch break.





We are encouraging gospel communities to continue meeting digitally. Your GC leaders will be in touch with the details of when, where and how to meet. If you are not in a GC and would like to be, please reach out and we can help connect you into one. Gospel Communities are where we gather to seek God together, share our lives with one another and spur each other on as we seek to share the good news of Jesus. Times together include studying the Bible, praying together and sharing who Jesus is and what he’s done for them within the community.



Please do keep being connected with your running partners. Why not meet at a lunchtime via FaceTimeSkypeGoogle Hangouts, WhatsApp video call or a phone call to pray and encourage one another. If you are not in a Running Partnership and would like to be connected with someone, please reach out and we’ll be in touch to try and connect you with someone. Running Partners are single-sex groups of two to four Revvers who meet regularly and frequently to help one another grow and be fruitful… there are videos here to watch for encouragement and ideas.





As a church, we want to be a community that responds with love and generosity, not fear and loneliness. A number of people have been in touch or spoken to us and offered help and we realise this is and has already been happening in lots of different ways. To compliment people's individual kindness and efforts, we've created a simple online form, that we hope will create an online help bank. If you feel that you've got something to offer - time, resources, the ability to pick up some groceries for someone who is vulnerable, then we'd love you to fill in this in. In this way, as things develop, we might be able to organise help when and where it is needed.


Also, why not print some of these postcards and pop them through your neighbours doors to offer help





We would also love to hear your testimonies – the big and the small – from provision, faith steps with neighbours and colleagues, healings, salvation… the list goes on. At a time where we can feel more isolated, let’s be even more on the front foot in stirring one another up with faith and encouragement as we share what God is doing. If you have any testimonies you would like to share, please reach out to and we will make a way of getting your story / encouragement out there to others at Rev.



The Elders and Rev Team

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